Covid-19 emergency is changing the way we used to work.

The current emergency linked to Coronavirus is dramatically impacting companies worldwide and forcing them to take the necessary steps to allow their employees to work under the so-called Smart Working format.

Even though welcomed by many, attracted by the idea of working from home and the greater flexibility, autonomy together with the possibility to have more time for themselves that comes with it. Now, as the Smart Working Weeks continue to pile up, things started to slightly change: in some cases the enthusiasm is now threatened by boredom while in others the autonomy is turning into disconnection, flexibility into disorganization and some even started to suffer the lack of multiple and diversified real human interactions…

The current context is proving that the real key to success for Smart Working is RESILIENCE, since it is a vital skill to maintain levels of performance, productivity and therefore secure the future of companies.

Kilpatrick has developed the first Smart Resilience Test, an online tool that allows individuals and companies to measure/assess the degree of Smart Resilience and offer the possibility to a subsequent Smart Resilience Development Program that helps generate the appropriate strategies.

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A Unique Tool to assess and understand your team's resilience

Learn how are you positioned in relation to the evolution in progress, the areas of opportunity and start a structured program to adapt to the new context.

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