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Kilpatrick Digital redefines the future of work. Through the application of Machine Learning to smart data we’ll tell you who’s going to leave, their reason, and how to keep them.

What is employee turnover, and why should you care?
Studies have shown that it’s more cost-effective to keep your current customers happy than it is to acquire new customers. That is why companies actively promote dozens loyalty programs, designed to keep customers happy and coming back again and again.

The same holds true for employees. It’s not enough for a company to recruit the best employees, it also has to find a way to retain those employees for as long as possible in order to get the most value out of its recruitment efforts.

Dashboard Example : Using Microsoft Power BI

• This is historical dashboard of turnover rate over year filtering by Division. Deep in detail you can see a comparison between gender, division, reason and turnover rate year over year.

• This dashboard presents information about predicting employee turnover and also shows the reason why they are going to leave in the future. It is important to know their motivation of resentment in order to try to retain your employee. There is also a graph showing performance scores of each department.

Dashboard Example : Using Dash and Plotly


In the recent years the voluntary turnover rate (and employee disengagement) is at an all-time high. Kilpatrick Digital can help you understanding your past turnover rates and then predict who has a high chance to leave in the near future while also providing you with a way not to lose them to competitors.


Kilpatrick Digital offers the insight and tools needed to improve employee retention.
A lost employee is a huge cost for the business in terms of wages, training, downtime, revenue, and more.

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