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Digital People development structure and key areas

3 key perspectives of assessment

-Culture and Behaviors: the extent at which key enablers of any digitization effort – like collaboration, horizontal perspective and trust – are spread within the organization

– Attitude: the extent at which, both as an organization and as an individual, digitization is perceived as a key driver for the future of the Company

– Digital Skills: the extent at which the individual is proficient on cross and domain-specific digital skills

6 cross Digital Skills, aligned with Digital Single Area of EU Framework (Eurostat-DigComp)

– Information Processing: the ability to search, assess reliability, gather and process information useful to individual roles and responsibilities

– Communication: the ability to use a wide range of digital technologies to communicate, collaborate, use online services, sharing knowledge with external and internal referents

– Content Creation: the ability to produce simple and multimedia contents, using a variety of digital platforms, tools and environments

– Problem Solving: the ability to use digital technologies to solve business problems and the frequency of training on Digital Skills

– Artificial Intelligence: the ability to understand and make appropriate use of the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence

– Safety and Security: the ability to recognize digital threats, check security and configure security options of applications and devices

8 Digital Domains, specific for key functions/departments within the Company and deepening Digitization at functional level, in terms of applications, potential benefits, challenges and key metrics

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