Agile working models are key enablers of a fast, seamless and responsive digital-proof organization.
In Best-in Class organizations, HR drives and is accountable for empowering digital transformation through simplification and technologies for organizational effectiveness.
Path towards this achievement leverage on new generation technologies able to desctructure and add Artificial Intelligence to business processes: Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation.
Process Mining works through AI-driven (event log based, objective) algorithms for business process innovation, for efficiency, speed, simplicity and security.
Besides, Process Mining, Robot Process Automation (RPA) is an event-based technology to get structured, rule-based, repetitive processes done automatically obtaining thus better performance in terms of time, precision and available time of the service.
RPA is today evolving towards Intelligent RPA, through natural language processing algorithms, that makes RPA ”content aware” and enlarge use cases from repetitive processes to complex, event based, workflows.