People, before technology, drive digital transformation

Exploit the full potential of digital technologies inside the HR Area, maximizing its contribution to the company-wide digital transformation process.
With the same technologies applied to customer interactions, build Employees Journeys on processes involving people (onboarding, development, appraisal, services), attaining cross-functionality and tech-enabled engagement.
Delivers People Analytics aaS, data-driven tech to manage people dynamics as experience, skills, achievements and satisfaction. Provides either design or aaS solutions for quickly running People Analytics inside the Company.
Develop Agile process solutions, providing assessment, road mapping, pilot and deployment of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, for HR and business support processes.

HR Digital services cover:

  • Employee Journeys design and optimization
  • People Analytics aaS
  • Process robotic solutions design and deployment

Employee Turnover Prediction

Kilpatrick Digital can help you understanding your past turnover rates and then Using machine Learning to predict who has a high chance to leave in the near future while also providing you with a way not to lose them to competitors.
Understanding why and when employees are most likely to leave can lead to actions to improve employee retention as well as possibly planning new hiring in advance. A lost employee is a huge cost for the business in terms of wages, training, downtime, revenue, and more.
Kilpatrick Digital will provide an interactive dashboard in order to help you better understand your past data and future prediction– and of course, visualize it in a meaningful way. This aims at simplifying a complex analysis of huge amounts of data, to avoid missing any trend or pattern.
Through the application of Machine Learning to smart data we’ll tell you who’s going to leave and their reason.