The limits of Smart Working

• Worker sees his personal life invaded by the work. It might lead to isolation of the worker due to not having contact with peers. This can also cause feelings of not being identified with the company.

• If distance work is not well planned or executed, productivity may decrease. There may be less control over the quantity or quality of work.

• Part of the savings generated for the company can mean expenses for the worker (in workspace, cost of supplies, etc.).

• A lack of contact with colleagues at the office could limit the cohesiveness of teams and exchange of ideas.

Kilpatrick Digital’s Value Proposition

Transform Smart Working into an agile, digital data driven process through a comprehensive digital platform integrating people, process, tasks, analytics, smart reporting and predictive smart workforce planning

Agile Smart Working Platform

Agile Smart Worker works outside Company’s premises but never alone: he is a digitally interconnected flow of activities and finished products delivered by small Smart Working Teams (Agile Teams) that are organized in roles and phased in activities
Agile Smart Working allows to apply the processes of agile organization to decentralized processed, guided by a shared method and clear responsibilities As a common ground, an agile smart working digital platform for working, delivering, communicating is available to all the members of the Agile Team

Kilpatrick Digital’s Agile Smart Working Platform (Ecosystem)


Scrum process flows applied seamless to office-smart working


Continuous communication among individuals and adjacent colleagues.


Predictive Analytics for workforce/people allocation planning


Predictive Analytics for workforce/people allocation planning

Benefits to
your business


Immediate: enhance company resilience by an order of magnitude.

Strategic: use digital and analytics for process and workloads allocations, leading to higher productivity, better workforce satisfaction, lower turnover and enhanced costs competitiveness


+30/40% more resilience on office/smart working processes

+ 20-30% more processes in structural ubiquity with 20-30% savings on costs, time and people management


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